In a deserted coastal town, a boatbuilder waits for the sky to fall. As the cataclysm approaches, he wonders–could this be a manufactured hysteria? Could faith, alone, destroy the world?

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***Independent Publishers Magazine Bronze medalist for Best Northeastern Fiction, and Foreword INDIE Book of the Year Finalist in Literary and Science Fiction***

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Press for Near Haven

Foreword Reviews: “Near Haven takes on the apocalypse with literary flair and shining prose. A contemplative and violently engaging character study.” (5 stars)

Kirkus Reviews: “A worthy addition to a genre pioneered by writers like Cormac McCarthy and Matt Bell: the post-human pastoral.”

Small Press Picks: “…provocative and deftly paced… In the larger context of the novel, in which most citizens uncritically accept the dark forecasts of the government and other authorities, (its) hope feels radical.

San Francisco Book Review: “…seems to almost create a new genre, the pre-apocalyptic rather than the post-apocalyptic novel.” (4 stars)

Necessary Fiction: “Sirois shows early on that he is unafraid of action… A short-fused state of mind that absolutely resonates with the United States today.

Near Haven: A Novel

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Near Haven: A Novel Near Haven: A Novel

reviews: 4
ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.25)